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סילפר לוגו ראשי

 Silpar (Israel), Ltd.

which was established in Israel by Dr. David Silvera in 1986, has been functioning as a center for mediation, dispute resolution and training since 1998.

Our aim is to further awareness of the mediation process as an alternative to courtroom procedures.  We offer professionals and business people the opportunity to acquire the tools to embark on a career in alternative dispute resolution, and/or to enhance their management skills in their current occupation.

Through a comprehensive program of seminars and workshops, we also promote the fundamental values of mediation – dialogue, cooperation, mutual respect and tolerance – within Israeli society and internationally.

 What is Mediation?

 Mediation is a system of conflict resolution by consent.  During the mediation process, the mediator, a neutral third party, assists the sides in conflict to forge a solution in order to resolve their disagreement, taking into consideration their individual interests.

Utilizing specialized techniques, the mediator facilitates effective interpersonal communication, understanding and cooperation between parties.

 Our Professional Staff

 Our mediation team is composed of professionals from all walks of life: attorneys, accountants, economists, engineers, marketing consultants, agronomists, insurance agents, psychologists, educators, and others.

All experts in their respective fields, they are also graduates of accredited mediation courses, are registered within the list of mediators of the courts, and have successfully settled numerous conflicts in a variety of spheres.

  A Full Service Mediation Agency

 Silpar (Israel) Ltd. serves as a mediation center at the local, national and international level. Working in conjunction with the Israeli judicial system, it receives referrals on an ongoing basis from courtrooms nationwide; at the same time, it accepts requests for mediation outside the judicial framework.

In all cases, the consensual agreement that is created during the mediation process is accorded the validity of a courtroom ruling.

 We Provide

 Silpar (Israel) Ltd. provides effective management within corporations, institutions, and organizations through:

 Corporate and labor law mediation

Consulting services for who are embarking on corporate negotiations

Strategic consulting for conflict management and intra-organizational mediation

Internal seminars and workshops on mediation, conflict management and effective communication, also in cooperation with international organizations

 The center promotes alternative dispute resolution in Israel through:

Mediation services

 Accredited mediation training at its subsidiary – "Pathways": The School For Dispute Resolution

Joint management of Israel’s mediation website, "Sulcha" , established in 1999 as a cooperative venture between Silpar (Israel) Ltd and Olive Interactive Ltd.

 For further information please contact us:

Dr. David Silvera – Executive Director and Mediator

Telefax:  ++972-3-649-7544

E-mail: david@silvera.co.il


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